Lezdom 26

Lession for Mimi and Mali Complete Movie

Baroness Agnes finds her two slaves in the cellar, as they just want to have sex with each other without permission. Immediately both are reprimanded by her. The Asian slave Mimi and the blonde Latina slave Mali get slaps, verbal abuse and orders. Then Mali has to watch with hands behind her back how Mimi gets whipped by the mistress. While the Asian sub is locked up in the cage, Mali is handcuffed by the mistress. Then comes Mimi's turn, she is also completely tied up. Lying on the floor, completely tied up, the two now have to kiss each other while the mistress enjoys it. Then the two fully bound slaves have to lick the lady's feet head to head and suck her toes. Afterwards, Baroness Agnes also harasses the two with a massage vibrator.
And finally, the two slaves bound have to lick in 69er position pussy from each other.
The Asian slave Mimi is already bounded on the box. The tied up Mali is now to fuck the other slave with a strap on the face. With the strapon on her face, Mali has to fuck the other sub while Baroness Agnes torturing her pussy with a massage dildo. Finally Mali has to ride with a plug in her mouth, tied up on the face of Mimi and make her breathe, while the mistress tortures Mimi's pussy with clothespins. In the end, Mali has to take the clothespins off Mimis Pussy's with her mouth.Hard fucked and humiliated! Lesson 3 for Mimi and Mali!

Mali is tied to the punishment and is flogged by Baroness Agnes. Mimi is tied up behind the pillory and must watch with a mouth lock in the mouth. Then the tied up Mimi must fuck the bound Mali with the strapon. While Mali gets fucked hard by Mimi, she has to lick the dirty boots of Baroness Agnes. Then the mistress makes them verbally finished, slaps her and starts to whip both slaves. And Mimi has to continue to fuck Mali with the strapon. What a torture for both slaves!
After that, the bound and fucked Mali on the buck must lick the pussy of the mistress and then suck the strapon of Mimi again. Finally, Mimi is again tied in the pillory and Mali is whipped again. And then left with a massage vibrator on her pussy until her cunt runs out.

Lezdom 26

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