Become a Partner

You have your own website, you are a producer, you're shooting in a studio or similar areas?

We would be pleased to be working with you too. We are currently working with a number of site operators already, platforms, producers, private videographers, location managers, etc. together.

The cooperation covers a diverse range such as common shootings, links, banner exchange, joint advertising, ranking expansion, purchase of equipment, networking, webmaster programs, copyright, joint projects, etc.

Write us with the contact form. Many things are possible!

Want your own bizarre page?

No problem, now start with your own site. You can cooperate it as an actor or you buy on material for the site by us. The sales from the material of your own site you don’t have to share with anyone.

And the best is: you don’t have to worry about anything because all the background work we do for you. We take care of registration, billing, administration, server, domain, back up, design of the site, material and shooting organization, etc.

For a unique little financial investment you can start your own site with a fetish partner without any previous knowledge. You can stay completely anonymous if you want. Or even participate actively in the shots.
We are happy to inform you about further details over the contact form.

Actual we are also looking for partners in some countries and destinations for a partnership in videos. Check here the list of destinations which would be interesting for us for filming. In this destintions we want have a cooperation partner which is there or have connection there. if you are from this destination or you have contacts please write us with the contact form and we can talk about details. No matter if you a man and want work with us there or you are a couple or agency. We can handle a lot of variants of work together.

Czech Republic (Prague, Brno), 

Slowakia (Bratislava),









Spain(Madrid and Canarian Islands)


Brasília (Rio dejanero, Sao Paulo)



Japan (Tokyo)

China (Peking, Hong Kong)

Thailand (Pattaya, Bangkok)

Iran (Teheran)

India(Bombay, Dehli, Kalkutta)